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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your structure? Who is the Pastor?

-  TFC is a Congregational church.  The congregation (under the Lord) exercises the final authority through voting.  The congregation must approve expenditures, elect Deacons, and ultimately sets the direction for the church body. 

-  TFC follows a multiple Pastor model.  This means that the office of Pastor will be held by no less than two men at all times.  Pastors hold absolutely equal authority over spiritual matters.  Deacons handle the operational and administrative tasks of the church. 

-  Another office at TFC is that of Teacher.  They are gifted men and women appointed by the Pastors who teach the word of God to our church body.

-  In legal terms, Trinity Family Church is a not-for-profit Religious Corporation incorporated with the State of Illinois.


What is the vision for the future?

-  The vision of Trinity Family Church has always been to present the Good News of Jesus Christ and lead people to receive forgiveness for their sins and the new life Christ offers.  Additionally, upon acceptance of Christ into their lives, we endeavor to help Christians grow to spiritual maturity through worship, instruction, and acts of service.  In all of this, we intentionally focus on keeping our priorities in biblical order:  God comes first in our lives, Family second, and Church third.

-  We feel a very definitive call to minister in the Valmeyer, IL area.  We are trusting God to go before us as we continue to minister to the local community.


What do I need to do to join TFC?

-  Trinity family Church does not have a formal membership process.  If you want to make TFC your church home, we would love to have you!  It’s that simple. 

-  TFC does have a distinction for “Voting Member."  There are certain qualifications outlined in our by-laws for those who want to participate in church governance.  These exist to assure spiritually mature individuals are making the decisions at TFC.  Please feel free to ask a Pastor or Deacon for further details.


Does TFC take an offering?

-  An offering plate is located in the front of the church.  Please feel free to place your tithes and offerings there before or after the service.

Can I participate in Communion?

-  Yes! We practice an open communion.  The Lord’s supper is available to all believers in Jesus Christ. 

Trinity Family Church

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